Ways to conquer the mobile jungle

In the ever changing world of mobile and app marketing, developers and product owners often face a multitude of ways to achieve the same goal. New technologies, distribution sources and platforms can often be challenging to keep up with. At crobo, our experienced team of mobile guides will proactively support you in understanding your possibilities and help you translate a complex marketplace into understandable and actionable options. We are with you from the start of the initial development phase, through monetization strategies and marketing planning all the way through the execution and implementation of your campaign with the most cost-effective and efficient way of reaching your targets.
Different applications require a unique way of nurturing and marketing. For every product there is the right audience. At crobo we try to determine who that audience is first before finding the most effective way to reach it. Whether your goal is driving app downloads, targeting certain activity levels in the app or stimulating money spending through in app purchases, we strive to deliver high performing campaigns that bring you the desired results within the allocated budgets. A real engagement with your product, experience and insight is what helps us make sure we connect the right app with the right person at the right time.
At crobo, we believe in long-term, quality partnerships that are built on transparency, mutual control and a strong result-oriented mind-set. Through our private performance network of 800 select partnerships, we can offer a broad selection of mobile media channels including premium display, network display, social media, rich media, incentivized and search marketing partnerships as well as DSP/SSP platform integrations. Our clients benefit from customized performance marketing campaigns with a direct integration to various exclusive media channels.
As the mobile market continues to change and evolve, new users and players join the mobile jungle every day. So how can you make sure you are reaching out to the right users for your app? At crobo, our international mobile media buyers connect you with the most relevant DSP/SSP platforms, RTB technologies, ad networks and direct partners. Paired with the insights from our data management tools, we can build a campaign that is based on your personal goals including branding, app downloads, engagement or mobile sales, ultimately maximizing your ROI.
Every product and service is different and deserves its own unique approach to creative communication. We are experts in creative adaptation strategies that allow our partners to expand their business and successfully adapt to unique distribution and market environments. Often a simple banner change, a new headline or different call to action can massively increase the success of your campaigns. At crobo we have an in-house Creative Development team that is ready to assist you with their marketing and graphics expertise to optimize your visuals for better response.
At crobo we use data as our compass to guide you through the mobile jungle. Our proprietary CRM tools and optimization solutions combined with advanced tracking partnerships provide you with a secure and scalable platform for effective campaigns. Through in-depth technical integrations and internal data management solutions, our team proactively executes campaign optimization and real time processing of quality data, allowing our partners to scale their marketing activities internationally and expand their mobile business through a variety of controlled mobile media strategies and performance-driven marketing channels.
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