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Pocket Gamer Connects
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San Francisco, 27-28 June 2017

On June 27 and 28, the crobo team will be attending Pocket Gamer Connects - the leading mobile games conference in the western world. Although it boasts five events internationally in London, Helsinki, Bangalore and Vancouver, we’re particularly fond of the San Francisco iteration, as the city is home to our American HQ – and there’s few things we like more than a family reunion! Or gaming, for that matter.

We’ve got plenty more reasons to be excited, as the conference draws in some biggest names in the industry – so whether it’s keynote presentations, workshops, panels or their “SpeedMatch” fringe events, we’ll be picking up practical advice and sharp insight from inspiring speakers including the founders of Supercell, King, DeNA, TenCent, Gamevil, and Rovio, to name a few. PGC is famed for its unique mix of short-form lectures and intensive networking opportunities, so we are looking forward to expanding our horizons and connecting with the game-changers, who push the boundaries of creativity.

If you are also attending, feel free to get in touch with our team – Tomek Nowobilski, Jordan Daniel and Simon Bratke – we would love to meet!

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