The Heart of Gaming Beats in Cologne for gamescom

Calling all gamers! Join us in Cologne for gamescom 2017 on August 22 – 24 as we form an orderly queue (ahem, or not) and check out the latest launches and trends in the mobile gaming sphere. Gamescom hits close to home – figuratively, because we are big gaming fans (our roots lie in gaming) and literally, as gamescom takes place in Germany where crobo HQ is based.

Seasoned gamers worth their salt know the drill: gamescom is Europe’s biggest trade fair for interactive games and entertainment, where the newest titles and trends are introduced – so it’s not to be missed!

For us mobile marketers, it’s also the leading business platform within the industry. There are few things we love more than leading our mobile gaming clients through the mobile jungle to help drive their user acquisition and let them concentrate on what they do best – creating awesome games! So we can’t wait to touch base with gaming developers and industry leaders, from pioneers to the new cool kids on the block – and discuss how we can help them in their quest for world mobile app domination. If you want to know a bit more about the topic of driving UA in mobile gaming, see how we worked with one of the world’s leading developers in our social casino gaming case study. 

We’ll be kicking off with “Women in Tech Day” on the 22nd and proceed to explore the gamescom business area – aka the world’s most important industry meeting point for insiders, traders, publishers, and developers. You might have to drag us away from the entertainment area though, where the magic happens in the form of new games testing and performances (cosplay galore is true magic for any games lover!).

To book a meeting with our UA experts or chat gaming, please get in touch with Dedy Opinus, Alex Lastivka and Karsten Bubinger.

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