Embracing Berlin’s Startup Spirit at the Affiliate World Europe

Come mid-June, the crobo team will be attending the Affiliate World Europe conference, which will be taking place right in our own backyard. This is an exciting time to appreciate the many resources and rich networks that exist here in Berlin. Shunning convention in typical Berlin fashion, this two-day event will feature a number of interesting programming, set amidst food trucks, beer gardens, and more.

Of course, with Berlin’s pioneering startup spirit comes an array of presenters ready to comment on the ways in which the world of affiliate marketing is changing and how they are reshaping it. Therefore, it presents a fantastic opportunity to learn from the leading innovators in the industry. Reflecting the fast paced, dynamic vibe of our city, the keynote by Lumitact founder, Trey Lewellen, for instance, offers insight into his captivating story in capturing a multimillion-dollar affiliate marketing niche. Meanwhile, advertising expert and best selling author, Drew Eric Whitman will be commenting on how to stay relevant in the competitive world of mobile marketing and advertising. We also look forward to brushing elbows with the likes of inspiring individuals including Mirella Crespi, performance media buyer and founder of WomenInAdTech.com.

We cannot wait to bask in the brilliance that exists in our city as one of the world’s leading destinations for tech and startup growth during this 2-day summit. To learn more about our plans at the conference, say hello to Anas Chokairy, Christian Gaul, Oleksandra Gipsh and Charlotte Vaquier. We’d love to show you around our city!

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