Mobile World Congress 2018 Trend Insights

In late February every year the mobile industry turns its gaze to Barcelona, where over 100,000 of the most innovative members of its ecosystem gather to discuss and showcase the future of mobile.

At crobo we live and breathe mobile innovation so Mobile World Congress offers us an opportunity not only to mingle with other digital natives and meet our partners to talk about latest developments in user acquisition, but also to attend some of the keynotes and discover groundbreaking insights from some of the world’s tech gurus. Missed MWC? Don’t worry, we bring you the highlights from this year’s conference below.

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The Top Five Mobile Marketing Trends of 2017

With 2017 now behind us, it’s time to define your app’s user acquisition strategy for 2018. Don’t do so without a clear overview of some of the top mobile marketing trends that have shaped the industry in the last year: read our “Year in Review” special to help steer you in the right direction and make the most out of your budget.

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Mobile Advertising Technology Trends at Data Natives

Every year, technology thought leaders and experts gather at the Data Natives conference in Berlin. Across two days of educational talks and panels, the event looked to the most recent developments in technology, including AdTech, to paint a picture of the rapidly shifting landscape. After attending the conference, we are reporting back some interesting picks, relevant to our industry.

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