Back in Seattle for Our Third Casual Connect Event of the Year

We will be back to Seattle for more! This time round crobo is attending Casual Connect USA, which is scheduled for August 1 – 3. It’s our third event in this year’s Casual Connect series, following the one in Berlin and Singapore.

We are looking forward to connecting with thought leaders and key players covering a broad spectrum of the games development industry. From creatives and developers to investors and companies like Playtika, Glu, King, Scopely, FlowPlay, GSN Games, we hope to learn from different perspectives about the latest trends in the industry. The diverse specialization covers the “bread and butter” tracks of gaming including: Insights, Casino, Next-Gen and Growth.

Launched in 2006 by Computer Games Association (CGA), Casual Connect USA has now expanded to a 2000 attendees and 250 speakers-strong conference, providing some of the best learning and networking opportunities for gaming professionals. Casual Connect USA’s knowledgeable lectures (we highly suggest you check out their extensive YouTube channel, magazine and industry research archive) and activity-packed networking events (bowling and aquarium trip, anyone?) are some of our highlights – as are the Indie Prize Awards. The forward-thinking scholarship program offers promising leaders of the gaming industry the chance to showcase their skills to potential partners and jump-start their careers. As we like to say at crobo: “Life is wonderful, life is sharing!”

It’s also the first time in 4 years that the conference will return to “the emerald city” after a move to San Francisco, so it’s set to be a special one! We sure won’t be missing out. For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Simon Bratke, crobo’s Business Development Manager.

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