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What can crobo help you with?

I have a mobile app and I am trying to grow my user base. What are my options?
Our performance network with over 800 trusted partnerships, mobile media planning & buying and technology-based multichannel distribution will help you generate app installs and registrations according to your budget and needs.
How does mobile performance marketing help me enter new markets and launch my app globally?
Our international team of mobile guides can help you develop a personalized solution using our global network and user acquisition campaigns to drive awareness for your mobile products around the world.
How can I find the right users for my mobile app?
By speaking with one our mobile experts. Their experience working with big brands, handling worldwide campaigns and a genuine engagement with your product, help produce a knowledgeable and personalized mobile media campaign. We use our proprietary CRM tools to analyse historic data and performance of previous campaigns to match future decisions and make sure we acquire highest value new users for your app or mobile game.
How will I be able to monitor the success of my mobile campaigns?
Our proprietary CRM tools, real time data processing and optimization solutions are the foundation of all our campaigns. Technical integration, tracking partnerships and internal data management help us provide you with precise, relevant and simple to understand report to help you make educated decisions. Based on our monitoring results and your personal input, we continuously optimize your campaign to ensure high value results.
My campaign is not achieving the desired results. What can we do?
By using real time data management and integrated tracking solutions we are always evaluating and optimizing your campaign. Plan, Execute, Evaluate, and Repeat is our formula for success. By constantly learning from the data collected during the campaign process we can use these insights to continuously improve the efficiency of our strategy. Speak with your personal account manager and voice your concerns and we will implement your feedback and reconfigure your campaign accordingly.
Is the quality of my creatives important for the success of my campaigns?
Having effective creatives can strongly influence user behaviour. If you need assistance in developing headlines, resizing or redesigning ads, get in touch with our creative development team. They will be happy to consult you with regards to your existing artwork, make recommendations for improvement or can implement the changes for you.



Your guide through the mobile jungle

The continuously evolving world of digital media and mobile marketing can often be an intimidating place. New technologies and strategies to access mobile users worldwide are a great opportunity to scale your products, connect with the right audiences and access new markets.

But how do you know what solution is best for you?

At crobo we offer effective technological solutions paired with the expertise of our mobile guides to determine the right strategy for you. Based on the longstanding experience and knowledge of our team, we will ask you the right questions, so we can provide you with answers that are tailored specifically to your needs. Using data as our compass we help you navigate the digital jungle so you can find high value mobile users, increase revenue and grow your business. With proprietary traffic solutions, our private distribution platform, conversion tracking & optimization tools we have a vast amount of resources at your disposal. And with your dashboard tools and personal account manager you are always in control of your campaigns and will never be left alone in the digital space again.

Let us be your guide.

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